2011 MEDIA

Cross Egypt Challenge tackled the roads of Egypt to demonstrate that post-revolution Egypt is safe for tourism.
October 23rd, 2011 - Abu Simbel


What has started as an un-usual idea by a group of Alexandrian scooter rider friends, turned out to be a global successful event. Cross Egypt Challenge has taken off this past October to tell the world that Egypt is safe for tourism.


On Friday, October 14, 15 scooter enthusiasts set out on a 1700 km cross-Egypt Challenge, nine day trek from Alexandria to Abu Simbel, exploring Sinai and the Red Sea coast along the way. It was not just a joy ride; the team was out to prove that post-revolution Egypt is safe for tourism – even on scooters.


On the day of the launch, the Cross Egypt Challenge team gathered early morning in front of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina to bid farewell to their families, friends, and fans. There was a huge gathering on the Corniche where cameras flashed and people cheered as the riders hit the open road.


Their first stop was the Pyramids of Giza where they held a press conference with the scenic back-drop of the sun setting on the Pyramids and Sphinx.


Their second day started by a morning photo-shoot at the Pyramids of Giza, followed by a ride through Cairo’s traffic visiting famous landmarks as Kasr el Nile bridge, where the team stood for a moment of silence in remembrance of the martyrs of January 25th revolution, then to the world’s famous Tahrir Square, which was the heart of the recent Egyptian revolution, and finally to Abdeen Square, where they were officially met by Cairo’s governor.


They then quickly passed by Saladin’s Citadel of Cairo and its surrounding ancient aqua duct, Magra-Al Oyoun before heading on their way to the last stop of the second day, Suez city on the way to the eastern Egyptian borders at Taba.


Throughout the following days, the challenge took the determined team through the most famous landmarks of Egypt; from Sinai mountains to the cities of Dahab, Sharm Elsheikh and Hurghada, then finally to the Pharaonic cities of Luxor and Aswan. The team members were warmly greeted and well received by several governors, and celebrated by locals in the cities they have visited.


On October 22, the Cross Egypt Challenge team completed their anticipated ride, covering a total of 2000 km, and rolled into the temple of Abu Simbel, capping an exhilarating, but exhausting, nine days.


The day the team reached their final destination marked the very same day the light of the sun strikes through the temple and illuminates the Pharaoh’s statue in a unique solar phenomenon that only happens twice a year, on the Pharaoh’s birthday and the day of his carnation.


The journey was very long, hard and hectic, as some days the team rode for 14 hours with short stops for rest, refueling and occasional maintenance. But all in all, the journey was completed with great success, and has grabbed local and international attention including coverage from BBC, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic. A two hours documentary is in the make by Aljazeera Documentary TV to highlight the adventure and will be broadcasted by January 2012.


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