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To promote Egyptian tourism, the sixth season of the famous “Cross Egypt Challenge” rally is set to start on October 20th with a route totaling 2,700 km throughout Egypt.

September 1, 2016 – Alexandria, Egypt.

5 years have passed since the start of Egypt’s one-of-a-kind motorcycle and scooter rally, Cross Egypt Challenge. This October, the sixth season of the famous rally will take place in a continuous effort to promote tourism and to prove that Egypt is safe for travels.


The 2016 season of Cross Egypt Challenge will start on October 20th and will last for 10 days. The new season includes 9 stages that compromise a total distance of 2,700 km, one of the longest routes in the history of the challenge.


The challenge will begin from the Mediterranean's largest seaport city, Alexandria then head south to the capital Cairo en route to ride the Nile Valley and the Egyptian western desert to Minya on the shore of the River Nile then to Kharga Oasis on the edge of the great sand sea of the North African Sahara.


The challenge will then head east to the ancient city of Luxor, the world's largest open air museum city, and the capital of Ancient Egypt.


From Luxor the riders will head further south to the fascinating city of Aswan, the gate of Egypt's water reserve, then head further east to cross the Egyptian eastern desert, one of the most difficult deserts on the surface of the planet due to its rock formations and chain of mountains to reach the shores of the Red Sea and stop at the beautiful diving city of Marsa Alam where they will camp by the sea.


From Marsa Alam, the challenge will head back north by the Red Sea Riviera to make two last stops in Hurghada and Ain Sokhna before the last stage of the 2016 season of Cross Egypt Challenge takes place between Ain Sokhna and Cairo to end the new season in the most sacred place in Egypt, under the Great Pyramids of Giza.


This year the world traveler Stefan Hauser from Germany and his wife Annette Hauser will be joining Cross Egypt Challenge as part of their world tour that started back in 2014. Stefan and Annette are touring the world in their Mercedes G class which will be the only allowed automobile in Cross Egypt Challenge. They have been on the road for 730 days, and Egypt will be the 39th destination in their adventure. This season also includes riders from: USA, Australia, United Kingdom, India, Denmark, Nigeria, the Netherlands and Egypt.


Ahmad Elzoghby, the official spokesperson of the challenge said: “Tourism to Egypt has been affected in the past few years, and our mission is to prove that Egypt is still a safe place to visit. It is amazing to see all these adventure riders flying to Egypt yearly to take place in this unique and exciting rally and we want them to share their experience with the world.”


To access the challenge website, please visit: www.crossegyptchallenge.com or our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/CrossEgyptChallenge



Cross Egypt Challenge is an international series of endurance motorcycles and scooter rallies conducted throughout the most challenging roads and tracks of Egypt, a breathtaking experience that is equally fascinating for spectators and riders alike.


Cross Egypt Challenge is the only organized cross-country rally of its kind in the entire region and combines the best of adventure travel and extreme sport. Each season of the endurance rally introduces a new route throughout the most famous spots of Egypt; a track that nobody ever thought could be done on motorcycles or scooters. The rally is organized by the Rotary Club of Alexandria Cosmopolitan with the cooperation of the Egyptian Tourism Authority, the Automobile and Touring Club of Egypt and under the supervision of the Egyptian Ministry of tourism.


The series started in 2011 and the first season was a 9-days rally from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the north of Egypt to the temple of Abu Simbel, on the southern borders of Egypt with a total distance of over 1,700 km.


The 2012 season included a 2,400 km route starting from Egypt’s famous capital and passing through the most exotic oases of the Egyptian western desert before ending the season in the world’s largest open air museum, the city of Luxor.


The 2013 season of Cross Egypt Challenge also witnessed a 2,400 km route starting from Egypt’s famous coastal city Alexandria and passing through the Egyptian eastern and western deserts before ending the season under the Great Sphinx in Giza.


The 2014 season was the longest to date with a route of 3,000 km starting from Alexandria and going down the shores of the Red Sea coast before crossing the Egyptian Eastern desert to ride the Nile Valley heading back north to end the season under the great Pyramids of Giza.


The 2015 season included a very special route in celebration of the fifth season of the challenge that started from Alexandria and went south along the shores of the Red Sea Riviera to Luxor where the fifth season celebration took place, then crossed the Eastern desert to Marsa Alam before heading back north to end the season under the great Pyramids of Giza.


Riders from the four corners of the globe fly yearly to Egypt to take part in Cross Egypt Challenge. To date, riders from over 28 countries participated in the previous seasons of the challenge.



A German Engineer, a father and a business owner for 15 years, Stefan Hauser and his wife Annette Hauser have decided to tour the world when they sold their own business back in 2013. Both 45 years old at the time, they though this would be the best time to start their adventure after sending their only child to college.


In 2014 they took off from their home town in Germany and have been touring the world in their diesel powered Mercedes G Class SUV ever since. 730 days, 75,000 km, and 38 countries later, they are set to arrive to Egypt this October 2016 to take part in Cross Egypt Challenge before they continue their journey to return to Germany by the end of the year.


Stafan and Annette Facebook page: www.facebook.com/mybeastgoeseast (content is in German).




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