2018 Route


The 2018 season of Cross Egypt Challenge will run between October 11 and 20, 2018 and will include a 2,475 km route that will be completed over 7 stages with two rest days at some of Egypt's finest destinations.


The new route will start from Alexandria, heads east to reach the city of Ismailia on the shores of the Red Sea then go south along the Red Sea Riviera and make stops at El Gouna and and Marsa Alam. After camping by the beach in Marsa Alam, the challenge will then head west to cross the Egyptian Eastern desert - one of the most challenging deserts on the face of the planet due to its rock formation and high mountain range - to reach the Nile valley and the city of Aswan. From Aswan the challenge will head back north again to reach the old city of Luxor, the capital of ancient Egypt and the largest open air museum in the world then make one more stop at Minya before the final leg of the season takes place between Minya and Cairo to end the challenge under the great pyramids of Giza.


With a carefully planned route, the 2018 season of Cross Egypt Challenge includes a fine and endurance track that passes through many of Egypt's finest spots including modern cities, coastal resorts, historical sites, Egyptian Eastern desert and Egypt's Nile Valley.

0 km DAY 1   / Orientation meetings & Official launch ceremony
340 km DAY 2   / Alexandria - Ismailia
450 km DAY 3   / Ismailia - El Gouna
290 km DAY 4   / El Gouna - Marsa Alam
0 km DAY 5   / Rest day in Marsa Alam
390 km DAY 6   / Marsa Alam - Aswan
240 km DAY 7   / Aswan - Luxor
0 km DAY 8   / Rest day in Luxor
450 km DAY 9   / Luxor - Minya
315 km DAY 10 / Minya - Cairo