We often receive questions from riders around the globe wondering about what they should expect, what to pack, how the roads are like, and most important what is the current situation in Egypt.

We dedicate the following section to give detailed information about the entire experience. If you do not find the information you are looking for here, please shoot us an email at: and we will be happy to answer you back.


What are the roads like in Cross Egypt Challenge?
A. The roads throughout Cross Egypt Challenge are mostly paved, however they vary in condition. We ride on good roads, bad roads, and in very few areas no roads at all. As we ride through remote areas, expect a lot of new road constructions in certain parts of our route. From the feedback we got from our riders in the past seasons, the worst the road condition, the more fun it is to ride on.

Is Cross Egypt challenge only for scooters or motorcycles can take part as well?
A. Both motorcycles and scooters are allowed to participate in Cross Egypt Challenge. Cross Egypt Challenge may have started as a scooter rally but now it includes both motorcycles and scooters.


Does this mean scooters have to keep up with motorcycles during the ride and risk their safety?
A. Not at all, motorcycles and scooters are split into two different formations that follow different schedules. They both meet at lunch stops, certain fuel stops and arrive to each destination together.


What are the riding speeds during Cross Egypt Challenge?
A. For scooters, the average riding speed is 80 km/hour, while the maximum speed is 95 km/hour.

For motorcycles, the average riding speed is 100 km/hour and the maximum speed is 120 km/hour.

Maximum speeds are achieved only based on viable road conditions and is up to the ride leaders to determine.


What should I pack?
A. You should plan to pack lightly. Each rider is allowed one piece of luggage at the size of a carry on (22" x 14" x 9" or 56cm x 35cm x 23cm) plus an additional backpack to carry on his/her motorcycle or scooter so plan accordingly. A swimsuit and sun glasses are a must for any visit to Egypt as you will get plenty of chances to have a dip in the Mediterranean sea, the Red sea or at the hotel swimming pool. Some warm clothing is advised as it tend to get cold at night in desert areas.

Will we have enough time at each destination for sightseeing?
A. Depending on the number of kilometers that we have to ride in any given day, we usually arrive to our destinations in the late afternoon, allowing few hours for the riders to wander around town before it gets dark. Our travel agent partners offer optional guided tours in some destinations that you may want to consider as well.

What safety gear should I be wearing?
A. A minimum of a full face helmet and safety gloves are required for participation in Cross Egypt Challenge. Extra safety gear such as protective pants or body armors are strongly recommended but not required. If you are riding a scooter and desire to wear extra protective gear like body armor, protective pants, or protective jackets, please do so under your t-shirt, as t-shirt must be the visible layer at all time

Are women allowed into Cross Egypt Challenge?
A. Absolutely. We have had wonderful women participants in all the past seasons of Cross Egypt Challenge. Our organizing team even include many amazing young women.

Do non-Muslim women have to cover their hair during the challenge?
A. Nope, although Egypt is a Muslim country, but women have the choice to cover their hair or not.