Cross Egypt Challenge is a unique cross-country rally on motorcycles and scooters. It is the ultimate adventure for those who love adventure travel and extreme sport.


The 2017 season of Cross Egypt Challenge encompasses a very rough and long track throughout some of the best sightseeing spots of Egypt and the world.


Please find below all details needed for participation to the 2017 season of Cross Egypt Challenge.



The 2017 season of Cross Egypt Challenge is open for participants from around  the world. Riders can register online by visiting the link: www.crossegyptchallenge.com/registration.html



Cross Egypt Challenge registration team reviews each participant application carefully to select those who meet its selection criteria. The registration team reserves the right to reject/refuse any participant's entry in accordance with its own selection criteria.



- At the time of registration the participant must be 18 years of age or older.

- The participant must hold a valid motorcycle riding license or an international riding license.

- The participants must have a minimum experience of 1 year riding motorcycles / scooters.

- The participant must have the physical ability to join Cross Egypt Challenge.



Pillion passengers are not allowed in Cross Egypt Challenge.


The route of Cross Egypt Challenge can get very rough in certain areas, and this requires complete control of your vehicle. Having a pillion passenger will not give you the control required in such tricky and difficult parts.


We have few spots for accompanying persons in our chase cars. If you have an accompanying person, please ask them to fill out a separate application form. Accompanying persons must be 16 years of age or older.


A clear scanned copies of the following documents must be submitted by email at the time of registration to: registration@crossegyptchallenge.com

Egyptian riders: National ID + Riding license + Motorcycle or scooter registration
International riders: Passport + International riding license (with motorcycle endorsement)

Egyptian accompanying person: National ID
International accompanying person: Passport

NOTE: For international participants, you passport expiry date must be at least six months from the date of your entry to Egypt.

A valid Egyptian motorcycle riding license is mandatory for all Egyptian participants and a valid international riding license with motorcycle endorsement is mandatory for all international participants.



In order to participate in Cross Egypt Challenge, participants are responsible to ensure their vehicles are in good shape and prepared for the challenge. All required service and inspection must be done before hand.

A technical inspection on all participating vehicles will be conducted two weeks before the challenge in both Cairo and Alexandria (for local vehicles), and you will get a technical report if your vehicle needs any specific service. A final technical inspection will run the night before the challenge, and we have the right to refuse any motorcycle or scooter that doesn't qualify mechanically to the challenge.

In order for your vehicle to pass the technical inspection of Cross Egypt Challenge it must:
- Be a 2 wheeled motorcycle or scooter (3 wheeled vehicles and quad bikes are not allowed).

- If a motorcycle, be 300 cc or above (motorcycles with engines less than 300 cc are not allowed).
- If a scooter, be 150 cc or above (scooters with engines less than 150 cc are not allowed).
- Be registered and holds valid and current license plates.
- Be clean of any branding stickers, any branding stickers will be removed at the technical inspection.
- Be in good condition, both mechanically and physically, scratched and broken vehicles may not pass the technical inspection.


* Please note there is a motorcycle and scooter rental option available for international participants.



The minimum safety gear required for Cross Egypt Challenge is:

For motorcycles riders:  full face helmet, motorcycle safety jacket, and protective gloves.

If you desire to wear extra protective gear like body armor or protective pants, please do so under your official vest, as the vest must be the visible layer at all times.


For scooters riders: full face helmet, and protective gloves.

If you desire to wear extra protective gear like body armor, protective pants, or protective jackets, please do so under your official t-shirt, as the t-shirt must be the visible layer at all times.



For your helmet to be approved for participation in Cross Egypt Challenge, it must meet certain guidelines. all helmets will be inspected the prior night of the challenge and only helmets that meet the following guidelines will be approved:


- Be a full face street helmet (off-road and modular flip-up helmets are not allowed).

- Be a solid black color (mixed colored or colored helmets are not allowed).

- Be free of any branding except the original manufacturer stickers).


* Please note there is a helmet rental option available for both local and international participants.


If you are riding your own motorcycle or scooter, please be prepared with the the most basic and necessary spare parts for your trip. Each participant is responsible for supplying his/her own spare parts. We will carry your spare parts in the chase trucks depending on their volume.


For rented motorcycles and scooters, most needed spare parts will be available during the challenge.


Cross Egypt Challenge provides fuel for all participants for the entire duration of the challenge. Fuel supply will be 92 octane. If your motorcycle or scooter requires higher octane, we advise that you get octane booster to mix with the supplied fuel.



Cross Egypt Challenge will be providing accommodation in the best hotel options in each destination, this ranges from 3 to 5 star hotels depending on the availability at each destination. All accommodation will be based on triple room occupancy.


There will be one night of camping during the challenge, the camping will be in small 2-person tents and sleeping bags or blankets will be supplied. Most basic camping facilities will be included.


Cross Egypt Challenge will provide accommodation starting on the night of October 12h till the night of October 20th (9 nights in total). Riders wishing to upgrade their accommodation from triple room occupancy to single or double occupancy, there will be an upgrade option available after your application is confirmed.

For non-Egyptian riders, if you need to stay extra night(s) prior or post the challenge, our team will be happy to assist you with these.


Cross Egypt Challenge will provide 3 meals a day for the entire duration of the challenge. This starts with the welcome dinner on October 12th and ends with breakfast on October 21st.


While breakfast and dinners will be mainly served at hotels, our own Desert Chefs will prepare lunches on the road and this will consist basic canned food and biscuits depending on the availability at each destination. We try to vary our food choices to include Egyptian as well as international cuisine so you get a chance to taste what Egypt has to offer.


Cross Egypt Challenge will hand each participant 3 long sleeve t-shirts to wear during the challenge, as well as 1 polo shirts to wear during night events or ceremonies. Wearing the official clothes is a must during the rides and official ceremonies. Be prepared that you might encounter cold weather during early starts and at nights, so prepare yourself with a light jacket or a sweater.

Do not forget your swimsuit, good sunglasses, a cap and one pair of comfortable shoes. As Egypt is a Muslim country we recommend conservative clothing choices for your trip across these remote regions.

Each participant is allowed a maximum of two pieces of luggage during the challenge: one small carry on (that will be stored in the chase cars with maximum dimensions of 22" x 14" x 9" or 56cm x 35cm x 23cm) + 1 backpack that can be carried on your motorcycle or scooter.


You will receive your 4 t-shirts in your welcome kit, so plan for enough space to store them in your luggage.

We have asked our travel partners to prepare a list of optional tours in the destinations we visit so interested riders get the chance to explore and learn more about those destinations.

Some destinations will not have optional tours, but rather some entertainment activities will be planned.

A list of optional tours will be sent you before the challenge for your choice. The optional tours list will also include pre and post challenge tours in Cairo and Alexandria so you enjoy your time if you arrive early or plan to leave late.


No vaccination is required. It is suggested that participants bring not only medications for likely gastrointestinal problems but also other prescription for personal use as local availability in remote areas is extremely limited.


We have partnered with AIG to provide accident insurance for those riders who are not covered by any insurance. If you already insured, please let us know at the time of registration to avoid any insurance duplication


Visa to Egypt can be purchased at the airport at the cost of $25 per person, however we advise that you check with the Egyptian embassy at your country about visa to Egypt as certain nationalities may require prior issuance. To find your nearest Egyptian embassy, visit the following website: www.mfa.gov.eg

The official language of Cross Egypt Challenge is English and all communications will be in English.

The official language of Egypt is Arabic, but English is spoken and understood almost everywhere.

Local currency is the Egyptian Pound. Exchange rates are around vary daily. There is no limitation to import foreign currency and it is easy to change USD to EGP in all banks but not the opposite.

During October, the climate is Mediterranean on the coast, desert like inland and very cold at night. So expect hot days and cold nights.