2022 ROUTE

To highlight one decade of Cross Egypt Challenge, CEC will be returning to Sinai for the first time since 2011 to celebrate a full decade of Crossing Egypt.


The 2022 season of Cross Egypt Challenge will run between October 6 and 15, 2022 and will witness the return of Cross Egypt Challenge to the Sinai peninsula with a new modified route totaling 1,930 km that spans over 8 stages and one rest day planned in Egypt's famous Luxor.

The new route will start from the Mediterranean's largest seaport city; Alexandria then heads south to the capital Cairo before heading further south by the edge of the Egyptian western desert to Minya then to Luxor  the capital of ancient Egypt and the largest open-air museum in the world where the riders will enjoy a rest day for sightseeing in this magnificent destination.


From Luxor the challenge will then head east to cross the Egyptian Eastern desert - one of the most challenging deserts on the face of the planet due to its rock formation and high mountain range – to reach the beautiful red sea resort city, Hurghada where the participants will take the ferry to cross the Gulf of Suez to get to Sinai and reach the city of peace, Sharm Elsheikh.


From Sharm Elshikh, the participants will get the chance to ride to a couple further destinations in Sinai, Dahab and Ras Sidr. The final leg of the season will then take place between Ras Sidr and Cairo to end the challenge under the most sacred place in Egypt, under the great pyramids of Giza.



0 km DAY 1   / Orientation meetings
220 km DAY 2   / Alexandria - Cairo
280 km DAY 3   / Cairo – Minya
455 km DAY 4   / Minya - Luxor
0 km DAY 5   / Rest day in Luxor
310 km DAY 6   / Luxor - Hurghada
0 km DAY 7   / Hurghada - Sharm Elsheikh (by Ferry)
90 km DAY 8   / Sharm Elsheikh - Dahab
365 km DAY 9   / Dahab - Ras Sidr
210 km DAY 10 / Ras Sidr - Cairo



In the case the ferry service between Hurghada and Sharm Elsheikh is not working at the time of CEC 2022, this backup route will be in effect.

0 km DAY 1   / Orientation meetings
440 km DAY 2   / Alexandria - Ras Sidr
365 km DAY 3   / Ras Sidr - Dahab
90 km DAY 4   / Dahab - Sharm Elsheikh
440 km DAY 5   / Sharm Elsheikh - Ain Sokhna
370 km DAY 6   / Ain Sokhna - Hurghada
310 km DAY 7   / Hurghada - Luxor
0 km DAY 8   / Rest day in Luxor
455 km DAY 9   / Luxor - Minya
280 km DAY 10 / Minya - Cairo